The Right Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

Taking out time for your body in your life which is full of hustle and bustle might be a humungous task for you, trust me, I’ve been there. Getting fit and losing weight has always been a task which is next to impossible, thanks to the urban lifestyle. Most of the women at some time […]


How to Create a Beachbody Hybrid Workout Schedule

It’s Day 28 of INSANITY MAX:30, and you couldn’t be more excited. You feel amazing, you look amazing, and you’re starting to think, “What’s next?!” Should you do another round with Super Trainer Shaun T, or move on to a different program, like 80 Day Obsession? Or maybe you don’t have to choose; maybe you can combine them […]


Metabolic Aftershock Review – 10 Things You Need to Know

With the tagline “everything you’ve been told about burning fat with exercise is flat out wrong,” Metabolic Aftershock claims to have the answers on the best way to lose fat. We’re not sure we believe the product can cause “48 hours of burn” after just 15 minutes of sweat, but we wanted to take a […]


LIIFT4 Review – 23 Things You Need to Know

LIIFT4 is a fitness program from Beachbody that is supposed to help you get “strong and lean in just 4 days a week.” All you have to do is just “Lift, HIIT, Rest, Repeat” to get the body you’ve always wanted. This sounds a bit too good to be true – so our research team […]


Beach Body on Demand Reviews get it wrong…

Is Beach Body on Demand worth your time? Most Beach Body on Demand reviews don’t get into the details of the program. My article will take you there and if you are someone like me who likes to get into eh specifics, read on. I will go through all the features and benefits of what […]

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