Best Push Up Equipment Reviews

Whether you train as a professional, as a hobby or you are just starting, push-ups and its variants are the most common exercise done in any workout level. You work the entire upper body: chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps and core with your bodyweight. Also, you can do them in as many ways as you […]


Old School New Body Review

Note: In the name of full transparency and honesty, there are affiliate links in this post, so I do make a small amount of money if you purchase this product based on my Old School New Body review. This won’t cost you anything extra compared to the usual price, but it helps me keep ManVsWeight.com running. Thanks! Summary […]


7 Keto Diet Tips To Transform Your Life

The Keto or Ketogenic diet is a special diet plan that is low carbohydrates, medium proteins, and high fats. We all know that fats are important for the growth and development of the body as well as we can burn the stored fats by the consumption of more healthy fats. By reducing the carbs in […]

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