What Are Calisthenics Workouts And Their Benefits?

So you want to learn about calisthenics, what they are and what they can do for you? Quite simply, calisthenics are exercises that can be done using just your own bodyweight to build muscle and strength. That means that they require no special equipment and can be done anywhere. Of course, quite a few exercises fall […]


3 Uses for Your Power Rack Pull-Up Bar… Other Than Pull-ups

Power racks, cages and even some robust squat stand models come natively equipped with pull-up bars mounted between the racks; it’s a feature expected by any lifter in the market for a rig.   What a lot of these lifters don’t realize, however, is the versatility that a pull-up bar anchored to a stable rack […]


The Right Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

Taking out time for your body in your life which is full of hustle and bustle might be a humungous task for you, trust me, I’ve been there. Getting fit and losing weight has always been a task which is next to impossible, thanks to the urban lifestyle. Most of the women at some time […]

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