Metabolic Aftershock Review – 10 Things You Need to Know

With the tagline “everything you’ve been told about burning fat with exercise is flat out wrong,” Metabolic Aftershock claims to have the answers on the best way to lose fat. We’re not sure we believe the product can cause “48 hours of burn” after just 15 minutes of sweat, but we wanted to take a closer look.

Our research team took a close look at this diet and exercise program, focusing on any clinical evidence and research as well as customer reviews. We then condensed it into an article featuring ten things you’ll need to know if you decide to try Metabolic Aftershock to help you achieve your fat-burning goals.

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What is Metabolic Aftershock?

Metabolic Aftershock is a nine-week diet and exercise program designed by author, personal trainer, and physician of integrative medicine, Dr. Jade Teta.

The Metabolic Aftershock workout is a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercise program consisting of 45-second intervals for a total of 15 minutes of training per workout. The website recommends doing these short workouts three times per week to see results.

The Metabolic Aftershock workout program includes:

  • Four Workout DVDs
  • An Instruction Manual
  • Rapid Results Quick Start Guide

The DVDs are Create the Spark (phase 1), Light the Fire (phase 2), Fan the Flames (phase 3) and Extra Fat Torching Burnout Session (bonus). You’ll exercise 15 minutes per day, three times each week. Supposedly, Metabolic Aftershock will reboot your metabolism, recharge and reprogram your body.The Metabolic Aftershock program also consists of a dietary program called “A New You In 22”.

Paired with motivational emails for program participants, the main goal of Metabolic Aftershock is to use “intelligent exercise” to get the most bang for your buck from each workout. The program emphasizes time-efficient training. You can purchase the program on the official website. While we like that you won’t need to buy weights and can follow the plan from home, we are still hesitant in the program’s technique.

Metabolic Aftershock Competitors

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Metabolic Aftershock Claims

Metabolic Aftershock claims to:

  • Provide a measured, specific and individualized exercise program.
  • Generate a flood of metabolic messengers, hormones and muscle molecules. Increases fat burning during the workout.
  • Enhance fat use after the workout.
  • Rebuild your metabolic architecture so you will start burning more fat, even at rest every day, within a few weeks of beginning the program.

Those claims sound pretty great, and since HIIT is a generally accepted effective training protocol, according to European Journal of Applied Physiology, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that these claims are at least partially true!

HIIT Benefits

The benefits of interval training are well studied and proven. The likelihood that Metabolic Aftershock has reinvented an already very effective training protocol is slim since scientists have been zeroing in on the most effective approach for a couple of decades now.

That being said, any program that is fun and gets you moving is going to be more effective than sitting on the couch.

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The Science Behind Metabolic Aftershock

There is a healthy amount of research presented on the main website. This information covers how the Metabolic Aftershock program specifically works to help people with fitness and weight-loss.

As the name suggests, the premise behind Metabolic Aftershock is built on stoking the body’s metabolism so the user burns more calories after the workout. While lower-intensity, steady-state aerobic exercise burns more calories while someone is doing it, anaerobic interval programs such as Metabolic Aftershock burn the bulk of the calories in the aftermath of the workout.

In theory, Metabolic Aftershock is able to accomplish this because, unlike traditional cardio or slower-paced weight training, Metabolic Aftershock breaches what exercise science calls the anaerobic threshold.

According to the Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology, anaerobic threshold is defined as the highest sustained intensity of exercise for which measurement of oxygen uptake can account for the entire energy requirement.

This threshold is reached when the exercise intensity becomes so high that the body is forced to mobilize resources in the moment and make metabolic alterations to meet the same or similar demands in the future.

In plain terms, you will know the anaerobic threshold is crossed when your muscles start to burn. When the body switches over from aerobic metabolism to anaerobic metabolism, waste products like lactic acid accumulate. The build-up of these waste products eventually forces you to stop exercising and recover while your body clears them.

Sprinting is a prime example of an anaerobic interval. The sprinter works at maximum or near-maximum effort, then recovers for a period of time. Rest periods are maximized to ensure full recovery and optimal performance.

These concepts are well-researched. Dr. Teta’s main premise is that overall intensity will stay higher if the exerciser self-selects her or his own rest intervals, rather than performing steady-state energy systems work or using predetermined rest periods. This is a variation on anaerobic interval training, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Researchers wanted to see how traditional interval training (where work-to-rest ratios were set) compared to self-paced interval exercise (where work and rest intervals were self-defined). Three different methods of gauging exercise intensity and recovery were used in this study:

  • Heart rate recovery intervals: Exercisers resumed exercise when the heart rate returned to 130 beats per minute.
  • Defined rest intervals: Exercisers resumed exercise after the rest period equaled the work period. A 1:1 work to rest interval ratio.
  • Self-paced intervals: Exercisers resumed exercise when they felt “ready.”

The self-paced interval group performed slightly better, was shown to have worked just as hard and finished the session slightly faster than the traditional interval group. The heart-rate recovery interval group had the lowest intensity levels.

Interval training is all about maximizing the work-to-rest ratio to maximize performance and intensity. Self-paced or rest-based interval training was able to accomplish a better outcome.

Overall, the science behind the Metabolic Aftershock exercise program is very sound. The bigger concerns, as with most online exercise programs, are compliance and execution. And as always, diet – both choosing the right diet for yourself, and sticking to it – is critical. WHERE TO BUY

Where to Buy Metabolic Aftershock

Metabolic Aftershock is available on the website as well as on Amazon. COST

What Does Metabolic Aftershock Cost?

The program costs $29.99 on Amazon, and with some confusing discounts and price reductions on the website, the Total Price appears to be $47.

Here is a price breakdown of the Metabolic Aftershock program, if purchased directly from the website:

  • Metabolic Aftershock Phase 1 Video – Create the Spark – $37
  • MA Phase 2 Video – Light the Fire -$47
  • MA Phase 3 Video – Fan the Flames $57
  • Bonus #1 – The Rapid Results Quick Start Guide – $17
  • Bonus #2 – Dr. Teta’s Anti-Aging Secrets Interview – $27
  • Bonus #3 – Step by Step Metabolic Optimization Blueprint- $67
  • Bonus #4 – Extra Fat Torching Burnout Session – $27
  • PLUS Instant Digital Download (Free)
  • Total Value – $279
  • LESS Discount If You Share Your Success Story (save $182)
  • LESS Grand Opening Discount You Qualified For (save $50)
  • TOTAL PRICE $47.00

The package available on Amazon appears to just include the three primary workout DVDs and does not include the bonus items and the virtual coaching available via the Metabolic Aftershock website. The company offers a full 90-Day Money Back Guarantee if purchased from the website.

What Are the Metabolic Aftershock Alternatives?

There are a plethora of HIIT programs available online, both paid and free. has a wide range of HIIT-based workout programs available for free.

Orange Theory offers a similar interval program.

Interval Training is not a new concept within the exercise community, and there are a variety of in-home HIIT programs similar to Metabolic Aftershock including P90X3 and Insanity. DIRECTIONS

Directions For Using Metabolic Aftershock

The Metabolic Aftershock website suggests using the program 3 times per week for optimal results, which is in line with the current research on HIIT and recovery.

There is a note in the start-up guide that indicates a lot of walking is essential to the success of the program. WEIGHT LOSS

Metabolic Aftershock and Weight Loss

The phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” comes into play with this product. Exercise and muscle growth are both key ingredients for changing body composition, but the major factor in fat loss is a dietary change.

The program comes with a diet plan that suggests reducing processed food and focusing on high-quality ingredients. We like diet plans that focus on natural foods and consistent, smart choices such as the Paleo Diet and the Maker’s Diet.

While HIIT workouts can reduce abdominal fat, the dramatic before and after pictures on the site are likely the result of a lifestyle shift in addition to the program.

Precautions Prior to Starting Metabolic Aftershock

HIIT workouts are hard and intense by definition. In order for the workouts to be effective, you must be working at your highest capacity. Metabolic Aftershock or any comparable HIIT program will not work if the participant is incapable of consistent high-intensity training.

Medical clearance from a physician may be an appropriate safety measure for anyone with these conditions before starting HIIT or any exercise training. Prior to beginning HIIT training, a person is encouraged to establish a foundational level of fitness.

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